Supply Unique (1/1)

TOTAL 3333

Collection of Easter eggs with multiple models recognized in all cultures of the world. The supply is unique 1/1 for a total of 3333 copies. This collection is exclusive to the Polygon Blockchain, where 7 New copies will be listed each week or while supplies last. Its value starts with 0.001 ETH in its first listing. In each listing the price will be increased as follows; First listing 0.001 ETH, Second listing 0.002 ETH, Third listing 0.003 ETH… Etc. 

Our Artist does not need algorithms! He delicately cares for the details of this collection, creating each one manually, using 3d modeling software and Adobe Photoshop to create the textures and components of each specimen.

You have to be on the lookout every week, as we will drop a special edition NFT without notice, which can be auctioned off. We also offer custom design services. With request and purchase, you will be given a unique egg designed for you, you can contact us at [email protected].

This is an ascending cost collection, so pioneers are rewarded with high appreciation over time. We invite you to review the ROADMAP of this collection as well as the NFT UNIVERSAL MUSEUM on our official website. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram so you can know our news.


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Soon we will have news of our special editions.


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