Osean World

Twitter Instagram Discord https://nftum.art/storage/2022/03/Comp-1.mp4 ¡BUY NOW! Limited edition 91 SPECIES / 5,910 NFTS https://nftum.art/storage/2022/03/fish0005.mp4 Everyone ocean world now part of your collection. We have scanned the six oceans in the world with NFT technology. All these marine beings are looking for a new home. We have 91 species for a total of 5910 NFTS. Each … Leer más

CryptoMask Revolution

Twitter Instagram Discord https://nftum.art/storage/2022/02/Egg-4-promo.mp4 Supply Unique (1/1) TOTAL 1000 Because at difficult times, they can not be ignored. We raise our voice and support the pure ideals. We design this collection to create a movement, create a message that we all wear on our social networks. We are those who do not accept war as … Leer más


Twitter Instagram Discord https://nftum.art/storage/2022/02/Egg-4-promo.mp4 Supply Unique (1/1) TOTAL 3333 https://nftum.art/storage/2022/02/Egg-2-promo.mp4 Collection of Easter eggs with multiple models recognized in all cultures of the world. The supply is unique 1/1 for a total of 3333 copies. This collection is exclusive to the Polygon Blockchain, where 7 New copies will be listed each week or while supplies … Leer más

Greek Universe

Twitter Instagram Discord https://nftum.art/storage/2022/02/Planet-Promo.mp4 Supply Unique (1/1) 24 unique planets by rarity https://nftum.art/storage/2022/02/Planet-Alpha-common-01.mp4 This collection of 24 unique planets from Alpha to Omega, in their common rarity. Then we will have 12 planets in their Rare rarity and close with only 3 mythical. Throughout the publications, we will carry out some NFTs for auction that … Leer más